An Ordinary Day, by Norman MacCaig

Pure Zen! Please also visit my later blog post (April 28 2014) for a preliminary analysis of this poem. As many people visit this post, I would appreciate it if you could satisfy my curiosity and leave a message as to why you are looking for this particular poem!

I took my mind a walk

Or my mind took me a walk—

Whichever was the truth of it.

The light glittered on the water

Or the water glittered in the light.

Cormorants stood on a tidal rock

With their wings spread out,

Stopping no traffic. Various ducks

Shilly-shallied here and there

On the shilly-shallying water.

An occasional gull yelped. Small flowers

Were doing their level best

To bring to their kerbs bees like

Ariel charabancs. Long weeds in the clear

Water did Eastern dances, unregarded

By shoals of darning needles. A cow

Started a moo but thought

Better of it…And my feet took me home

And my mind observed to me,

Or I to it, how ordinary

Extraordinary things are or

How extraordinary ordinary

Things are, like the nature of the mind

And the process of observing.


5 thoughts on “An Ordinary Day, by Norman MacCaig

    1. Hi, thanks for the encouraging and kind comment! These themes are very much on my mind. I hope we can have a conversation around our common interests and ideas. Thanks again.


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