The body-mind as organism

This morning, while walking down the street, I had a strange experience which flashes upon one sometimes: the feeling of just being an organism rather than a person. There was the sense of the body moving, of objects and people moving into the field of consciousness and out of it again. The feeling of the warm sun, the slight breeze, the already hot street beneath my feet: all this was just being registered, but not, it seemed, by me, the person. The skin was burning in the warmth, but it was not my skin. There was a deep feeling of peace and lightness. It seemed like the organism was aware that it was creating the world through perceptions, thoughts and memories, and that it was also not quite believing its creation, floating above it as it were.

It was a fascinating few minutes, in retrospect. There seemed so much possibility in that impersonal, light registering of the world.


4 thoughts on “The body-mind as organism

  1. I get that feeling all too often. I think it is because we aren’t our bodies, our bodies are the thing that help our souls move about on earth. That is why we sometimes feel alien in our own bodies because they are merely vessels and not apart of the deeper and higher self. Sometimes being a human is spectacular and other times it is simply laborious (at least for me lol).

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