Thought (contd)

I would like to explore, again, why I feel that the quote with which I began my earlier post is intimately connected to meditation.

Here is the quote, a sentence by David Bohm from his book Thought as a System:

Thought is always doing a great deal, but it tends to say that it hasn’t done anything, that it is just telling you the way things are.

For me, meditation is not about controlling thoughts, or about chanting a mantra or controlling breath. It is about a subtle awareness of how thought and emotion paint a picture of a world “out there,” and also simultaneously paint a picture of an individual ego “in here” observing that world.

The deep awareness of this painting of our worlds is in my view absolutely essential as a “way” of being free of our psychological worlds. Otherwise we simply repeat the emotion patterns of our egos, whether they are patterns of fear or pleasure or jealousy or anything else.

Freedom may lie in deep awareness, nourished moment to moment in the present.




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