Inner and outer information

Meditation is hard work. It demands the highest form of discipline- not conformity, not imitation, not obedience, but a discipline which comes through constant awareness, not only of the things about you outwardly, but also inwardly. So meditation is not an activity of isolation but action in everyday life which demands cooperation, sensitivity and intelligenceKrishnamurti

There is a constant flow of sensory input that we encounter during our day: subtle shades, tastes, smells. Our outer and inner domains are full of sensations, of colours and lights, a virtual reality show that the human mind magically conjures up. Our sensory worlds are almost unimaginably rich and deep. We look upon a universe of aching beauty and fragility.

Enmeshed with this flow of sensation is a flow of thought and emotion. Indeed, the two are scarcely distinguishable. The “work” of the inner construction of selfhood is as continuous as the flow of outer sensation. Fear, desire, the most primal and sharp and ancient feelings and emotions, are triggered in the mind and are part of the construction of our entire world. There may well be no sharp line between our “physical” domains and our “psychological” ones.

All of this, both the inner and the outer, is essentially information of some sort, which our brains are processing. I think meditation is the act of being deeply and quietly aware of this flow of information, without being drawn into it. Only through this awareness can we even begin to understand the complexity of life.



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