The content of thought

An advertising jingle. A flash of irritation. Forgotten tasks brought into the light of consciousness. A memory of a happy conversation, glowing of love. Music. Regret in accomplishment. Desire, desire, desire. Flower, commonplace in the wind. Mobile phone buzzes in my pocket, curiosity. Fear. An empty space in the mind, a flash of blue sky and self-forgetfulness. Dissatisfaction with the present moment: too hot, too cold, too windy, too empty. Jealousy at the success of a friend. Langour, peace. Sleepiness. Peace. Hunger. Insecure about my abilities. More desire. Thoughts of pleasure, so sharp and intense. Failure. Triumph. Failure. Triumph. Disgust. A bird floats through the sky and a leaf turns green.  Computer screen. Body moving incessantly. Lust. Thirst. Daydreaming, smiling within. Shame. Humiliation. Anger, laughter. Peace.

Threads dissolving in the morning sun and under the silver moon.


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