Meditation: Krishnamurti’s Notebook

It was a lovely evening, the sky was clear and in spite of city light, the stars were brilliant; though the tower was flooded with light from all sides, one could see the distant horizon and down below patches of light were on the river; though there was the everlasting roar of traffic, it was a peaceful evening. Meditation crept on one like a wave covering the sands. It was not a meditation which the brain could capture in its net of memory; it was something to which the total brain yielded without any resistance. It was a meditation that went far beyond any formula, method; method and formula and repetition destroy meditation. In its movement it took everything in, the stars, the noise, the quiet and the stretch of water. But there was no meditator; the meditator, the observer must cease for meditation to be. The breaking up of the meditator is also meditation; but when the meditator ceases then there’s an altogether different meditation.


10 thoughts on “Meditation: Krishnamurti’s Notebook

      1. Thank you, I am a fan of Krishnamurti’s books after a friend lent me “On Relationship” several years ago. But I would love to look into his other work that I can access online if you know of any! Thanks so much.


  1. I’ve read his Notebook and was struck by how it differs from his other books which are mostly transcriptions of his talks. I was lucky to hear him talk with David Bohm in the UK. Must have been in the 80s I think.


      1. Yes, he’s similar to Eckhart Tolle in some ways. You have to do it yourself without relying on the external shell of religion. I call it spirituality without religion! The Buddha said something similar. Be a light unto yourself!


      2. Yes I’ve read Eckhart Tolle too, very interesting. Do share any interesting reading that you come across: books, authors etc. One very interesting writer I’ve recently come across is Toni Packer.


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