The world is changing continuously. My physical environment is changing, from the gross levels to the subtle molecular ones. My body is changing. My friends and loves ones are changing, moment to moment.

Paradoxically, my mind is trying to map this changing world as stable. I want fixed and unvarying pictures of my world so that I can feel emotionally secure about it, as well as fixed and unvarying pictures of myself.

Why do my maps and images of the world never correspond to reality? Why do I feel this nagging sense of anxiety and a lack of fulfillment?

Ironically, it is perhaps the very attempt to generate a stable picture that gives rise to the mismatch and the insecurity. If I could totally, peacefully, accept all the changes in my universe, large and small, inside and outside, and stop comparing the map to the reality, then maybe my insecurities will drop away.

This may be the ultimate task of the meditative mind.






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