Self as rainbow

We see a rainbow, but what we have is drops of rain and light—a process. Similarly, what we ‘see’ is a self; but what we actually have is a whole lot of thoughts going on in consciousness. Against the backdrop of consciousness we are projecting a self, rather than a rainbow. If you walk toward the rainbow you will never get there. David Bohm, Thought as a System

How can we look beyond the seeming solidity of our natures—so obvious, so self-evident—and deeply realise that they are, as Buddhists say, empty of essence? That they are processes, manifesting from instant to instant along with all of the rest of the universe?

This is the basic challenge that meditation throws at us: to watch this creation and destruction happening, within and without, without attachment and without distortion.


7 thoughts on “Self as rainbow

    1. Thanks, that’s a very kind comment. I started this blog to find fresh ways to look at myself and the world around. I hope others find it interesting too. Thanks again 🙂


  1. Reblogged this on All Roads Lead To Now and commented:
    This is a beautiful way of understanding the self as construct, as process. And when we see this to be the truth, we can begin forming a new relationship with self, built on the foundations of love and true inner freedom.


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