the world

my work
my sex my belonging
my sense of pride jealousy anger
my partner
my parents
my inner suffering
my country my politics my friends
my dog cat pet
my invulnerable home lined with ideas and culture
the trees in my street
my peace
my love my lust my religion

all impermanent
all empty

like the breeze that floats through my mind.


2 thoughts on “the world

  1. They are impermanent and empty. But they are also the only things that are concrete and make my life full. I guess life’s a paradox. Love this – made me think.


    1. Thanks again! I guess for me I have become attached to so many people/things/situations and then lost them that I am trying to embrace radical impermanence as a more “real” view of the world. One that is compatible with love and responsibility. Work in progress 🙂


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