Spirituality and rationality

I find that by instinct, I am a rational person. I feel that science is our best bet at understanding the universe and the way we function as human beings. Science has also shown us the amazing staggering scale of the cosmos, as well as the impossible complexity and fragility of life within it. I also find that by instinct, I am a spiritual person. By this I mean that the meaning of life cannot be grasped by explanations and theories, however beautiful and scientifically powerful they may be. Rather, the “meaning,” if such a thing exists, must lie in states of being, in a wholeness of vision, in complete emptiness and fullness of self. I suspect that these two powerful forces will forever tug at my soul. Both are beautiful visions of reality, and in future paradigms they may come together in a fusion that we only glimpse right now.


4 thoughts on “Spirituality and rationality

    1. The scientific approach requires me to be skeptical about the world around me and within, and science is certainly skeptical about any claims that the universe is anything other than “material.” It’s in this sense that I meant that these two forces tug at me 🙂


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