Richard Sylvester on death

To the separated searching individual, it seems that what we are was once born and so will one day die. But when non-separation is seen and it is known that what we are is awareness itself, pure being, Oneness, it is known that this was never
born and so can never die. Just as a night-time dream ends when we awake in the morning, so this day-time dream ends at death. But the dreamer, Being itself, exists outside time and so is without beginning or end.
Because personal annihilation can seem terrifying, the mind creates many stories about what happens after death. So we develop delusions and elaborate constructs about it. One
glance at the many bookshelves of volumes on religious and spiritual philosophies shows how much energy we put into creating stories about a personal life after death, and what we need to do to ensure that our personal continuation will be a happy one. That so many of these stories deeply contradict one another simply fuels our search.
“Acknowledging the non-existence of the self” may be a useful watchdog over fears about death for a person, but it cannot be more than that. When the person is seen through, there is no need for a watchdog any longer.

2 thoughts on “Richard Sylvester on death

  1. Thanks for this, it caused me to stop for a moment this morning and see how the whole thing works. Copied a paragraph with proper attribution and pasted in my blog. You should have a pingback soon


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