Hello there.

I’m very interested in human consciousness as it unfolds in everyday life. My interests come from two directions. First, I’m fascinated by the way meditative traditions such as Advaita or Zen describe the possibilities of insight into our conditioning and ego. Second, I am also very curious about modern scientific theories of consciousness and self-hood. Overall, my approach to these questions comes not from a (conventionally) “religious” point of view but from an experiential and experimental one.

My blog will, in essence, be about my perceptions regarding meditation and consciousness, slowly and patiently explored in the course of daily living.

I would also like to share any exciting material I might find, and to express my thoughts and feelings about it.

I would be happy to hear from you and to visit your blogs too!



14 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m puzzled how we havent come across each others blogs before! I’m fairly new to this blogging scene and still puzzled why, when I tag blogs, meditation, spirituality or whatever, I don’t seem to get many readers! Any suggestions? 😉


    1. Hi, as far as I understand, it takes a while for the connections to be made. Also it seems to require actively visiting other blogs. Anyway, thanks for an interesting blog 🙂


  2. Hey, thanks for swinging by to like my last post. A meditator for the past few years (off-and-on, unfortunately), these same sorts of interests have always grabbed me. Keep up the thoughts!


  3. So wonderful to discover a fellow pilgrim on ‘The path’. The question ‘Who am I’? has always driven me and is the principle quest of my life – and is frequently a lonely path. So it fills me with delight to bump into fellow travelers who share a similar interest and desire. I look forward to reading all that you have to say! Best wishes on your journey.


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